Dear Students, Masters and Parents! 

        Thanks to the support of all our students, masters, and parents, we are able to bring you the 2024Massachusetts Cup Taekwondo Championship. Last year, we held our first Massachusetts Cup Taekwondo Championship successfully at Fitchburg High School.  The venue was not only bigger, but we also had a stage with sound systems and lights 
from professionals.

         We are also very excited to keep our Team competition rewards. As you know, we have a very large focus on team competition, including Team Poomsae, Team Demo, and Team Sparring. We love to support and see students working together with their best effort. We  will  award  the  school  with  the  highest  overall  score  in  these  divisions  with  our 
Massachusetts Cup. This cup will remain with the highest scoring school until the following year’s Massachusetts Cup Championship, when the schools will be able to compete to win the cup again. We hope that this can encourage students to work as a team and support each other and their schools.

        Additionally, this year we have added two exciting new events, which are the Power Hand and Power Roundhouse kick competition. This event will consist of using a digital scoring system. All students can participate in this fun event.

        We wish you luck and hope we can have a fun and safe time competing. We would like to give  our  sincerest  thanks  to  all  the  families,  masters,  volunteers,  referees,  and  everyone involved in making the 2024 Massachusetts Cup possible.  



Grandmaster Myoungho Jun 


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